Shock In Town

Shock In Town

The Site

Shockintown is a voyeur porn site that features gorgeous models exposing their goodies to the public. The site is more of a blog that provides an interactive platform from a combination of porn sites. The girls make it seem so great to walk nude. It is a real taste of stardom in the nude. You get to view lots of nude pics of gorgeous girls on nudist beaches and on public roads.

Site Features

The site sports sky blue and white colors for its background décor. You get the feeling of a tropical beach and leisurely exuberance. There are several tools available for browsing across the content on the site. The most significant of the browsing tools is, of course the search tool. I love the way the content is organized here. There is a pristine display of what you should expect immediately you arrive on their home page. There are tagged captions of girls showing off their goodies splattered down the landing page.

Although I think adding some secondary navigation features would have helped, the search tool does a good job of taking you to your desired points. The pics on the site are great quality HD videos. This is an element that can be seen even from the contents page. I didn’t see any live cam or bonus site offers right on the site but you can have these from third-party affiliates. There is access to voy-zone and ournudism. The files are available for streaming directly on the site. I loved the streaming speed and the Flash Player functionality that allows users to skip to specific points of content without lag.

The Content

The girls presented on the site are gorgeous. All the models are material for beauty pageant. I had fun watching the tall beauties with long sturdy legs and suntanned skins go about their chores on the nudist beaches. I met Amanda the in one of the scenes. The girl is easy and attractive to be around. She has the personality of an idol. Everyone wants to be around her. Amanda is described as the responsible one behind an escapade into the French Riviera.

She manages to get her friends nude on the French beaches. France is one locations with plenty of nudist sites. So Amanda manages to sneak her friends into one of the secluded sections of the Riviera and finally gets them to do what they never thought they would do in this life. Yet, in the end all the crew members seem to like the experience. They have learnt something new. Something exciting, something they would like to try again. The descriptions state that even the Lucy, the shiest of them all felt easy on this beach that was graced by a reasonable number of amateur couples.

The textual descriptions fit in well with this gorgeous model that sports the beauty of a thorough bred blonde. She seems so confident; from the way she walks to how she poses and allows the camera to capture her goodies. Her nipples are so conspicuous you feel like grabbing them for yourself and rendering her a nice long squeeze. You have over 225 Galleries on the site. Each of the galleries contains over 60 pics.

The main course is, of course, the videos. There are sufficient videos to keep you entertained for a while on the site.
You have over 190 videos with a playback average of 2 minutes each. This isn’t a great number but given that they are exclusive videos, you get satisfaction and a feeling of added value. The files are made in DivX

Quick Resume

Shockintown is a real shock in town for anyone who hasn’t had experience visiting a nudist resort. The images and videos are crisp and great to watch. The content is gleaned from experiences of users on a couple of other sites. If you want to enjoy soft porn in the form of nude cuties showing off their juicy bums, tits, legs and pussies, you have this site to fulfill your dreams.



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