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How many times have you watched porn on the Internet that has made you cringe? Everything objectifies women in this industry. At least most of the things that are out there on the World Wide Web. We definitely do not want to see mindless intercourse happening. How many women do you know that actually enjoy watching the porn that is out there, the one which is freely available? Women are essentially very different from men. Yes, we do love the visual aspect of porn, but what is equally important to us too, is the connection between the two people that we see having sex with each other, we need porn to be sensual, we do love it rough too, but essentially we need porn to be sensual.

We want a background story, and we need to know how they met and how they connected. We need to see a bit of ourselves in them and to connect to be really able to enjoy the sensual pleasures that they are delivering to us. Do you sometimes feel lost when it comes to sexuality and men? And you wish you knew where to seek advice and maybe talk to some more people without being judges? What if there was a website which actually knew what women want and sexually crave for and also, provides you with an insight into the dynamics surrounding this entire relationship? That is where SsshAlumni comes in! It is a site made for women, which is actually run by women. So, they definitely know what we want to see and explore about our own sexuality.

The site is not just another place, which is filled with naked pictures of men trying to feebly turn you on. What they have done with this website is actually rather brilliant and new. Getting a whole new concept to the table, rather than putting on the same old show. They not only have videos, pictures and erotica, but they also have different articles and columns which are informative, fun and interactive as well, letting you choose how you want to explore your sexual side. You can choose to interact on the forums and columns, submit erotic stories if you like and explore what you like according to your sexual preference.

If you are interested only in the articles and reading erotica, you can choose to see just that. How, you may ask? They have realized that women need to explore slowly and to feel comfortable rather then just to be thrown things at, haphazardly. So, they have developed a system of rating in which the number of lips determines how hardcore the content will be. They have something for every woman, from the novices who are just starting out to the sex aficionado.

Site Features

As soon as you enter the website, the mood that you would be put in is sexy and dreamy. The layout and the design have a little vintage feel to it. Don’t get me wrong; it is simple, yet very elegant and classy. The top most part of the page has a really beautiful woman, all dressed up angelic and sexy and putting you in the right mood, as if you both the secret of what is to come. Under that are neatly organized tabs such as home, returning members, free magazine preview etc. and then the page is divided, one which keeps you updated about the latest happenings on the site, for example a fantasy contest which is coming up where you can submit your own erotic and sexual stories.

And on the other side all of the content that they have to offer you is divided up and placed in a very orderly manner. There are thumbnails such as man of the month, true confessions, ask a man, romance finder, discreet shopping and so much more. The colors used are dull rose pink and white. Possibly the best color combination that you could find on a website which gives you everything from the sex to the romance. There is also a vine like leafy-flowery design happing in the background, which is a stronger color adding to an element of depth to the design very subtly.

The Content

SsshAlumni is as different as it can get by the book. Once you enter the website you realize that it is going to be an absolute pleasure to go through all the site content. There are so many things to choose from that you will be definitely genuinely confused. There is a movies section, which has everything from masturbation to really kinky BDSM and even some light spanking. They also have an all about you section where you can get to know more about yourself and about masturbation and how to do it. And if you are a lesbian, then there is space for you too here.

There is a lot of girl on girl action for you and, if you are a little confused about your sexuality, there are articles that might help you discover something more about yourself. There is even the man of the month, where there are sexy pictures of that man. And how can we forget about the audio books! The audiobooks have the kinkiest stories, which are read out by men with really sexy voices, which is sure to get your pulse racing enough to do naughty things to yourself. There is also the man channel, where there are naked men entertaining women at only female parties.

There are over a hundred photos for you to choose from and if you download them, you will find all of them in high resolution and accompanied by an erotic tale. How kinky is that? You definitely don’t have to struggle to picture a face while imagining the story now do you? There are a little over 200 videos that can be streamed and downloaded; most of the videos are in Full HD quality, making sure that there is nothing left to your imagination.

Quick Resume

Do I really need to entice you any further to sign up? It’s a brilliant website for women which caters to all of their sexual needs, from all the videos, audio books and erotica’s, to how to masturbate and answering questions about love and sexuality. They even have a discreet shopping section where you can stop for things to rev your sex life or your own time with yourself up.

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