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When you are tired after a long day of hard work and you get home, sometimes you just want to open a great porn site and see what it has to offer. That is generally what many people do, but the biggest problem is that much of the porn that you get to watch on the internet is not exciting anymore. To counter this drawback, many sites have started creating porn that is difficult to produce, and catering to a specific niche or genre, without understanding that people are seeking an avenue to unwind themselves after a long day’s tiring work. Haven’t they heard of the term escapism? TheLuckyMan seems to provide just that, an avenue for people to escape into a realm of fantasy and dreamland.

TheLuckyMan is a fantasy site that takes you to the realm of reverse gangbang. If you are aware of what a gangbang is, then it is easy to understand what reverse gangbang is. Gangbang often tends to get messy and disgusting, especially when the males cum on the lone chick. This is, of course, not the case with reverse gang bang, where a guy gets to fuck 5-6 women at a time. The absence of the messiness of gangbang is definitely a plus point with reverse gangbang, but does it really cater to porn lovers’ fantasies? It can be argued that TheLuckyMan doesn’t just provide porn, it provides actual fantasies of men that will help you come harder than you have ever come before.

While reviewing this site, I found that there were a lot of things about this site that made it great, but one thing that stood out more than anything else was the fact that this site had so much variety within its specific niche. This review will focus on the design and features of this site while addressing the beauty of the girls and quality of videos.

Site Features

Usually, when you go to a porn site, you are looking for a design layout that is simple, and does not take up too much space on your screen. After all, you are going to the site to look at porn, not to look at how good the designer was at his job. Hence, by this logic the overall layout and design of TheLuckyMan should be something you truly like, because there is a lot going on there. However, surprisingly, the site does very well for itself, and does not seem overbearing at all.

The best part about the site is the fact that even though some pretty bright colors are used, these colors remained cool, and the actual focus remains on the sparse and spread out layout of the homepage. You are given a list of videos that you might like watching and that is it. Just those half a dozen videos are what you are going to see in large windows each of which will allow you to get a good idea of what kind of porn is involved, along with getting a good look at what the girls in the porn are actually like.

This helps you to calmly take in what the website is all about, instead of having to filter out unnecessary content that you are being shown just so that the website can gain more views and earn more money. All of that variety doesn’t even come at a steep price. A free two-day subscription is all what you need to get going. After the free trial, you can upgrade your subscription to a monthly, quarterly or annual cycle depending on what you choose. When you click on the subscription button, you will realize that the annual subscription is precisely what the banker ordered for you.

It is cheap and provides you with unlimited downloads of videos and photographs the entire year. You will also be surprised to know that you can purchase TheLuckyMan merchandise at relatively cheap prices. What more could you ask for? The site has a lot going for it, especially when you consider that subscribing to it will also get you subscribed to forty-nine other channels for no extra charge, as this site is part of a network called PornstarsNetwork which is widely acclaimed as one of the best porn networks in the world.

The Content

The thing about content is that there is a fine line that you must tread, particularly when you are creating reverse gangbang porn. From a general point of view, the porn needs to be uploaded fairly regularly but not too much, such as several times a day. A daily or weekly routine is perfect, but the content needs to be of a high quality as well, and as far as reverse gangbang porn is concerned there are a few basic rules that need to be followed.

These rules are basically that the porn needs to be a little outside of reality. There is a general focus on porn that is as realistic as possible, but when you are making reverse gangbang porn you would want your porn to be a little bit into the realm of fantasy. Additionally, you need porn stars that can handle a gangbang scene professionally. The guy has to have stamina so he doesn’t get tired, the girls need to enjoy themselves and should be into it so that no one girl gets more attention than the others.

Suffice it to say that TheLuckyMan fulfills all of these criteria. You will find porn here that is regularly updated, and of the highest quality possible. Everyone in the porn looks like they are having a very good time, and this is important because it contributes to the believability of the porn. Additionally, the storylines are excellent, as they create a fantasy scenario that most guys would enjoy being a part of and make this scenario a reality.

Making out with 5-6 chicks at a time, with the hottest and pinkest of pussies is something that you will see only in your dreams, but seeing them in real on this site is really out of this world. You will surely end up fapping at the end of watching these videos.

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If you are looking for an all-purpose porn site, you have found it. The additional benefit of being able to access dozens of bonus sites for no additional charge is a great bonus, and the fact that subscription is so incredibly cheap makes it a really good thing overall.

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