The Site

The ThugAbuse is a very new site, with hardcore gay sex in the videos, and with hot models performing in it. As you may guess from the site’s title, it has a collection of thug-themed porn, which also depicts (though it’s a bit stereotypic) that at least one participant is Black. So, there is ethnic porn mostly, with Black on Black action, but a growing number of interracial gay porn videos are also available.

The ThugAbuse is one of the newest sites of the Cock Studios, which is an upcoming studio and company in the gay porn arena, focusing on bareback sex, with a strong hint of ethnic and interracial sex. The flagship site was nominated for the title of the best new site in 2015 on the annual Cyber Socket awards, which means that the industry is getting to recognize the work behind these scenes. The ThugAbuse launched last year, so don’t expect to find a huge collection in there. However, there are weekly updates network-wide, and this portal gets a new flick every 2-3 weeks, so it’s growing slowly but for real. Also, the network the ThugAbuse is part of is also something rather new. Currently, there are two sites you can access from the members’ zone: the TeenageBareback and the TrapHouseBoys.

The TeenageBareback has cute twinks for you, who seem to enjoy their gay sex they have to do in front of the camera. On the TrapHouseBoys, you will find a collection of porn like the ThugAbuse offers, though it’s not as mean as this site’s porn. The weekly updates are network-wide and usually two scenes are added, though its changes which site receives the update. Let’s see a quick summary: the ThugAbuse has hot gay sex, from the thug-themed kind. It also has a new studio behind its videos, and the membership grants access to two other porn sites. Also, we haven’t mentioned yet that the videos here are fully exclusive, they were created to be published on this site. The exclusivity is not an issue for the other sites either, so it’s really a promising collection to explore.

Site Features

If you open the home page of the ThugAbuse, you will find yourself in front of a modern page. There is a large slideshow on the top, which features the latest scenes – represented by pretty high quality pictures. The rest of the page is a simple thumbnail list of the videos, and that’s all the tour offers. It looks like trailers are not available, but to be honest, the pictures are quite hot enough to make a man curious. Also, the home page features a menu, but it’s just a way to make you land on the signup page. So, since the site tries hard, and we already feel interested, let’s take a look on the inside… Just to find out that there is the same design and a similar layout in use. The most important difference is the fact that you can actually use the menu, and you practically land on the hub-site of the network.

The best navigation tool the site actually grants you is the menu on the very top of the page. From there, you can go for the photos and the live cams too. Adding videos to your favorites’ library is a good way to gather the videos you like, and the ones you want to see later. There is a search engine, which seems to recognize usually normal keywords. There are cam-show advertisements on the pages, but they won’t distract you from the actual content. The DVDs are accessible through the menu too, and you can start playing them as full movies, or as shorter scenes. You won’t have any troubles playing the videos, since you get unlimited access to them, and you can play them in the browser or download them.

The ThugAbuse uses only MP4 files, and the Flash player on the site uses that too. For in-browser playing, you get the option to enjoy the scenes in HD, maximizing at 720p. However, there are lots of download options: the MP4 files you can save are ranging from SD to Full-HD, so it’s a really fine variety. Some formats play nicely on mobiles, and since we are here, we have to mention that the site has a mobile-friendly user interface too.

The Content

The ThugAbuse features only professional porn stars, who like to get dirty. There is nothing bad though, just you should expect some really raw action. The appearance of these guys is really thug-like, and they actually give you that unsafe feeling you get when you pass by this kind of dudes on the street after sunset. Apart from being thuggish, they are handsome and nicely shaped lads with long cocks, and firm, muscular ass. When these Black guys get on with fucking around the block, they really get turned on, which at some occasions leads some rougher sex. So, the scenes are all scripted here, and they tell a story, or at least depict a situation.

When these guys are doing their job, they do it well, and they like to fuck the hell out of the other. Since it’s a thug-themed site with heavy hardcore sex, you can expect to watch some unexpected things, like guns in asses, and there is usually clear domination and submission, even some rudeness too. Nevertheless, these videos are really nicely done, full scenes with an exciting length of usually 20-30 minutes, so they will keep you busy for a long time.

Quick Resume

When it comes to reviewing new sites, we also have a lot to do. Searching around the web is only one thing, but digging deeper is the most important. So far, we found out that this site is new, its content is made in-house, and with the sole purpose of being added to this compilation.

This site has been closed, why don’t you try Bromo?

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