The Site

The TrapHouseBoys is a hardcore site, providing porn videos for the gay audience. This porn website has a fine collection of sex videos, and there is a damned hot niche in focus: ethnic gay sex! Only Black on Black action is featured, and though it’s a bit stereotypic but most of the videos are taking place in bad neighborhoods and the guys are impersonating gang members, dealers and the usual stereotypes. This serves our fantasies well, and the heavy sex these bros do is really arousing and excited. When you explore the site, or you perform your own search, you will find it out soon that the videos are all created by the Cock Studios, which isn’t the biggest player in this arena, but it’s on the good track to become one.

On the TrapHouseBoys, you will find a growing compilation of porn: there are weekly updates, and sometimes more than one flick is added to this site. Nowadays, there are more than 130 videos which you can access without restriction if you become a member of the site. The TrapHouseBoys is not an old site, but during the years of being online, it has grown into a considerable one – especially when you consider the juicy, not quite common niche its videos are covering. As far as we were able to detect, the videos of this series are all exclusive, and they aren’t available on other sites, or on DVDs. Also, another quite important benefit of the TrapHouseBoys is the extra content you receive. As a member of this site, you get access to the other site of the Cock Studios: TeenageBareback. Probably the most exciting thing about the Cock Studios’ videos is the fact that they are mostly bareback gay sex scenes. Apart from the studio’s content, you gain access to third party material too, in the form of a DVD library with more than 2,000 extra scenes to jerk-off to.

Site Features

If you judge a site by its appearance, you will certainly like the TrapHouseBoys. Though it’s a very simple teaser home page, the large thumbnails and the content dates are quite promising. You won’t be able to watch preview videos, but we’re certain that browsing through the home page will be quite enough to help you in deciding whether to join or join. After the signup process, you will see the simple, but well-built members’ area of the CockStudios main site. The menu you will use most of the times is located on the top. It has the usual options: you can list the videos by clicking on the ‘All Exclusive Scenes’ button, there is a link to the photo section. The bonuses are featured too: you can reach the DVDs and the live cams from the main menu too. As an additional feature, if you like a video you can add it to your favorites’ collection, so you can find it faster later.

The search engine is quite simple, however the content is (not yet?) tagged. Choose a video and let’s get on with it. On a scene’s page, you will see the big embedded player, the title of the video and the guys’ name – though there is no models’ database. The player is fast, and it works fine, so it’s a good way to watch the videos. On the bottom area of the page, you can see the related scenes (from the same site) and some cam-show tags (advertisement). At the lower area of the player, you can see the download options: HD or SD versions are available to save. The HD files are really large, so make sure you have enough space for them – since the scenes have an average length of 25 minutes, they can go up to 3-4 Gigabytes in size.

There are MP4 files provided for you, and the embedded players uses that resource, but it doesn’t play them in HD. In fact, the downloadable files are usually in Full-HD, so it’s even better. Most scenes feature video caption galleries, and it looks like that the TrapHouseBoys doesn’t offer actual photo sets, but with the neat video resolution, the caps are looking great too. The TrapHouseBoys adopts to the device you are browsing it from, so you can enjoy its hot porn from smart phones and tablets too.

The Content

So, the site provides the visitors with hot gay sex. However, the fact that all guys are Blacks makes this compilation into a rare and exciting one. These guys are all handsome, well-hung professionals, who seem to prefer to fuck Black guys. Don’t get it wrong though, they are not all the same, the models’ database of this site is a fine, varied one. As far as we could tell, the guys are mostly from the 25-35 age range, though some fresher twinks may be found too… if nothing else, then the other CockStudios site features a different type of men. The movies here are really long, and they feature not just full intercourses, but they are done to fit the site’s fantasy and main niches pretty well. There is usually a storyline which leads to the sex, and though you won’t see it expand too much, you will get the idea. The scenes feature anal sex a lot, and they do it without condoms. Since many Black actors are very well-hung, some scenarios could be even considered as heavy hardcore, since the bottoms might have a hard time taking all in… but they do, and it’s really hot.

Quick Resume

The TrapHouseBoys has a good collection for you to enjoy, that’s true. It’s also true that we can’t say anything bad about this portal. It’s new, fresh and has long videos, which is a big feat, since many sites don’t go over 15 minutes. To be honest, we really enjoyed spending time by watching the movies of the TrapHouseBoys, and if you are looking for a site with hardcore content with ethnic elements, this is a highly recommended site.

This website has been closed, we suggest you to visit Bromo!

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