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Tribal Twinks

The Site

Porn is not strictly for men, it is for everyone – including our gay brothers too. Hence, today we are going to talk about a porn site that is specifically made for those who love twinks. For those who are unfamiliar with the term yet, twinks are boyish-looking gay dudes. They are fresher looking compared to veteran porn stars in the gay porn industry and are definitely for those who love to see leaner guys with particularly lesser body hair compared to full-grown men.  The reason is because they are cleaner looking and more refreshing to the eyes.

Not to mention that this is more viewer-friendly compared to just watching hardcore back-humping men straight on. We also understand that there are a lot of our gay brothers who would prefer watching these types of dudes as well, as compared to witnessing bearish-looking men and really muscular guys. The twinks that we are going to feature today, though, are really special. They are not going to be your average innocent looking guys. Despite the age group that twinks have, these ones look a lot meaner and manlier. They also have this special character about them that makes them look dark, mysterious, and exotic.

We are talking about the guys on TribalTwinks, a porn site that is dedicated to featuring native-looking twinks coming from the most exotic parts of the globe. Yes, we have got to admit, we were really thrilled when we discovered this porn site. It was just a happy little accident. We were actually looking for some interesting twink porn sites, not really looking for something in particular when we stumbled upon this one. And just by the name, we knew that we have found something unique and special – and we were not mistaken. We have definitely found what we are looking for, a really interesting twink porn site. Now, we are going to talk more about the porn videos and the guys that you are going to see here a little bit later.

For now, let us talk membership first. TribalTwinks is actually in partnership with another related porn site, TeensAndTwinks. This means that after signing up for membership with this porn site, you will also gain access to the other one – and both of them have content coming from thirty-seven different studios! Pretty impressive, right? If you are already interested in joining then allow us to list down the options for you. Here they are a monthly recurring membership, a three months (recurring as well), a six months non-recurring plan, and finally a one-year non-recurring plan.

Site Features

The website design of TribalTwinks is really simple. It contains a really basic banner containing the site’s logo, some pictures of the porn stars on their site, and the navigation. Below that, you will see scrolling previews of the latest updates. These previews contain a big photo of one the scenes in the video or of the guys featured in it, along with a short description of what is going to happen in the scene. Finally, the categories that the particular videos belong to, are also listed. The thumbnails of other videos can be seen below the preview. These thumbnails are packed with information as well, just like the previews that we have mentioned above.

They contain the title of the video (which is usually just the name of the models), the length of the video, a short description of what the scene is about, and the categories. Another additional information is also included. These are the links to view the video, to mark it as a favorite and its five-star rating. Other parts of the site that you will be able to find on its homepage are thumbnails of their hottest and newest models. These thumbnails feature a half-body picture of the stars, but don’t worry twink fans; you can already see everything that you would want to see. Finally, at the very bottom of the page, there will be an invitation for you to join the porn site, reminding you of the different membership perk that you would be able to enjoy after you do.

The Content

And now, let us talk about what makes this porn site really special – the guys and its theme. First of all, from the title of the site, we will get the idea already that the guys that they are going to feature, have this tribal aesthetic, and we were not wrong. They certainly do. The nationalities and ethnicities of the guys that you are going to find on the porn site, though, were not indicated. So we can only guess. We are thinking that the guys that you are going to see here are Latinos, Africans, Native Americans, or Southeast Asians.

To give you guys a better idea; here is what they all look like in general. All of them have black hair and black eyes. And all of them have sunburnt bodies. As for the scenes, we love how they stayed true to the theme as well. One might think that because the guys look tribal, that would be enough already to prove the “tribal” point of the whole website. However, the theme prevails through all of their content as well, since all of the videos and other productions were shot outdoors, or more specifically, “in the wild”.

Quick Resume

In the end, we really enjoyed this very thematic porn site. It is such a rare thing for a porn site to completely present the different aspects of the particular theme and porn genre that they wish to present, but this porn site certainly did even if the theme was indeed a bit challenging to present. And because of this, we definitely recommend TribalTwinks to all the twink porn fans out there. Also, remember that aside from this website, you will also be able to enjoy the content on the TeensAndTwinks site too as an additional bonus. We give them double thumbs up for that!

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