Uk Scally Lads

Uk Scally Lads

The Site

This is a gay porn site that features largely British lads screwing, sucking dicks and kissing in hardcore style. It is the bad boy porn that seeks to cater for people with homosexual fetish. Most of the action is concentrated around anal sex and giant dicks display in the heat of the moment.

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Site Features

The site adopted a red color theme as its favored front office and background decor theme. Of course, red is a color that is widely associated with romance. It is also quite simply arranged without clutter. I loved the way the platform is organized. There is a clear sense of order and navigation is quite easy. There are clear categories to choose from. I could flip easily from such options as straight lads, large cocks, and deep throat blowjob sections. There are several captions representing the various scenes in the videos. Each of these captions is linked to the actual scene. So all I had to do is to click on the active links and sail to the scene from which a caption is derive. The drop down menu affords visitors a quick glimpse of what lies beyond the landing page and the categories section and effectively provides a quick tour opportunity. These provisions made it easier to browse across sections despite the fact that there is no search too. The design of the site is therefore a good simple job that avoids clutter and seeks to make its point clear. You won’t find live cam shows on the site or bonuses but you certainly access some of the most exclusive content. The fact that what you watch is exclusive adds to the value of your subscription. Moreover, the videos are professionally shot and updated once a week. The site is light and quite fast on both PC and mobile devices. You can stream the videos directly or download them onto a portable zip folder any time you wish; once you are a registered member.

The Content

Well, there are no girls to view but there are male girls having it from the male dudes. I could see a clear tendency for some kind of dominance despite the fact that all scenes feature dude to dude encounters. The female dudes do a good job at acting female. It seems that this tendency turns their partners on in record speed as you get to see their cocks rise to the action quickly. There is sufficient foreplay in most of the scenes before the dudes find their target and thrust their cranks in their partners’ holes. I couldn’t help but admire the show of muscle and male assertiveness as one dude took up another and kissed him senseless. For a moment I thought it was some soft submissive girl cornered and conjured up in the large arms of the sensual aggressor, but then it was the scaly dude that was playacting the part perfectly. There is plenty of anal action, blow-jobbing, rimming and all. I admired the large cocks and the low-pitched moans as the duded ramped up each other to near-convulsive orgasms. It is also entertaining the way the dudes soften up and softly cajole and cuddle after the peak of the action. There is sufficient background information for the user to get acquainted with the characters before the actual session begins. Additionally, there is the advantage of giving the participants a human face that enables the user to relate with them sensually. If you are not familiar with the gay world, you are also brought up to speed with the unfolding action and the seemingly sizzling romantic adventures of the dudes in action. There are 221 videos to savor on the site. Each of them plays for about 20 minutes. You also get to sample 221 photo sets that feature 170 pics in each. The videos are in HD form while the pics are high resolution. All content is downloadable too.

Quick Resume

If gay porn is your thing, then ukscallylads is the place to be. They provide exclusive and great quality content. The fact that you get new stuff every week is also encouraging. You won’t help admitting that the site has a great design that is clean and simple.

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