Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

The Site

I have always yearned for a porn site that presents content in its natural form. After sifting through the pages of various porn sites that feature models with lots of experience, I guess the scenes increasingly become a little too rehearsed and mundane. However, my thriller came when I discovered that Velvet Ecstasy is focused on exactly what I yearned for.

Site Features

The site is presented in blue and white hues. They have several alternatives to help users get around with ease. Apart from a list of categories listed on the top pane of their home page, you are given several other options including varying sex activity, fetish scenes, model index, and even the year when the videos were updated. The site allows users to stream the videos and does not restrict your downloads. You can also easily access the site’s content with your mobile phone; provided it has internet capabilities. There are several bonus offers upon registration for membership. I got to view content on Porn 2Go, Busty feeds and XXX Feeds. The site presents you with some great quality content too. Most of their latest videos are all in HD. The site provides sufficient content for viewership. There are over 1069 videos for viewing; once you subscribe to membership. Each of the videos has a 30 minute playback time span. When I saw these details, I knew it was going to be a while before I unsubscribed; in any case I hadn’t got such a rich array of content under a single subscription. If you wish to tone down a little, you are privy to a whopping 834 galleries that come with 100 pics in each.

The Content

Although there is a wide range of girls featured on this site. I was impressed even with the randomness of the video recordings and photos; the number of stunningly beautiful women on the platform is amazing. The site has a unique perspective and area of exploration. There is a conspicuous attempt to provide a variety of sexual activity. In the wake of the ever increasing sexual fetishes and desires, a site cannot afford to be too rigid with their primary theme. Sex habits keep changing from time to time. There are some boot and heel fetish scenes in which models display sexy high heel boots and lingerie. The boys fold them up like envelopes and drill their shafts deep into the girls’ vaginas as the models gasp for breath and moan when they get a chance to do so. I loved the boob fucking scenes with boys inserting their tools between squeezed tits of women and rubbing in between until they splash their semen all over the girl’s torso and face. I met Talia and Stevie just before I checked out of the steam sessions. The duo seemed innocent and amateurish at first. However, as they say, looks can be deceiving. Once I gained access to the full video that features the couple, I was introduced to a whole new angle in sex entertainment. The couple makes love in the most spontaneous of ways. They do it in the bush, car and wherever else they get a chance. Stevie takes his prey with lots of care and skillful erotic caresses, fondling, kissing and squeezing before he sinks the much anticipated shaft straight into his partners already wet, puffy and ready mound. Talia has the perfect body for a beauty pageant model but chooses to ply her trade on the adult entertainment scene.

Quick Resume

The site is a pack of goodies for porn lovers. They have commendable browsing tools to aid users get around the site. They also have a special focus on amateur couples; an aspect that adds value to the uniqueness of the video and general entertainment. The tremendous amount of bonus sites that you get under a single subscription is obviously a great temptation. The site doesn’t accept new subscription, check our list of top 10 porn sites!