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I am sure that you have seen many Japanese porn stars in action but none like you will find on WierdJapan. At first, I thought the site was supposed to be “weird” as it is clearly misspelled but if this was done on purpose, then it’s kind of clever. It is hardly a big deal even if it was by mistake because, on a porn site, the last thing that we are looking for is correct grammar. Anytime you get the chance to see Japanese hotties fucking or getting fucked, it is well worth it to sit back and relax as you will be in for a good treat. This unique site delivers one of a kind entertainment that you would not see on any other platforms. The site is really diverse and it may be really hard to point out the fetish that it falls under as you will see diverse scenes. Some of the content features hairdressers in the salon giving blowjobs to their customers, waitresses jerking off customers in the middle of the hotel and even sexy girls in jail getting fucked by the guard. The eclectic mix of raunchiness is not only exciting but also thrilling. While you may find many of these sex scenes bizarre, they represent the kind of sex that many people love having. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. One thing is for sure, the sexual encounters are truly far from normal. We already know that Japan has always been a top provider of the best sex scenes in the adult industry. The country is not about to revoke its title, WierdJapan is a name that represents this site well. The site was launched in 2010 and it has been a breath of fresh air. Onto the collection…. Even though the site seems to be all over the place, it still manages to maintain good quality. Brought to you by the reputable ldols69Network, you will know that you will enjoy all of your viewing moments. The production company has been knowing for standing behind some of the biggest Japanese adult sites and now it is standing behind WierdJapan to ensure that it does not disappoint. The action is both soft-core and hardcore and you will be able to have everything that you prefer. Whether you like your porn scenes wild or a little laid back, WierdJapan does its best to ensure that this site becomes a comfort zone for you. There are plenty of scenes that features blowjobs, cum facials, swallowing and creampies that you have never seen before. This is the lustful wonderland that you have always been hoping for. The members of the site can allow you to access the scenes from the rest of the network. This is an important put of the package deal because you will be guaranteed that you will not only get to enjoy the 485+ scenes that the site offers. There is potential for more. If you know anything about ldol69, you definitely know that these are scenes that you want to get your hands on.

Site Features

WierdJapan has its content arranged systematically. The scenes are subdivided into episodes and this allows you to watch them well, one after another. They can either be downloaded in MP4, MPEG and AVI formats or they can be streamed in a flash player. Even though the site has DRM protection, there is no download limit as to how much content you can enjoy. The scenes are consistently of high quality regardless of how you choose to access them. When enjoying the flicks, you can jump ahead if you do not want to get stuck on a scene for long. On the members’ area, you can clearly see that WierdJapan maintains a weekly update schedule. Business seems to be booming because the pages keep loading up with content effortlessly. However, the photos are simply screen shots.

The Content

WierdJapan has a variety of girls who are highly skilled in different levels of kink. The scenes are off the chain and you will be glued to the screen each passing second because sometimes it is hard to believe that they are capable of doing what you see. When you first see them, they seem like a couple of innocent girls who do not have a clue about the sexual appeal but you will be delightfully surprised when they turn into the teachers. You will be able to enjoy big breasted Asians as well as flat-chested ones in equal measure. There is a teacher who is having her pussy eaten while she is lecturing in front of the classroom. This is the weirdest thing you will ever see because it is not likely to happen in a real life setting. In another scene, Uehara Chika gets bonked in a way that you will think about for the rest of your life. She has a belt wrapped around her neck and a device that looks like a bomb on her waist. Even though the bomb is fake, you will be exploding with cum wherever you will be. The girls get fucked in the house, the gym and in many other diverse places. Most times, they have no limitations. Sassy Tia is getting fucked by an old grandpa who seems to have the libido of a thousand men. The girls love group sex action and lesbian encounters just as much as they love big hard cocks.

Quick Resume

If you enjoy uncensored Japanese porn, WierdJapan is a great fit for you. It is surely a weird place with a lot of unique encounters but I bet that you will have many unforgettable moments every time you log into this site.

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