Zenra is an adult website that features authentic East Asian models, performing a range of hardcore acts. The site has a mix of exclusive and semi-exclusive content. The site charges a recurring monthly membership,

Design and Features

Zenra has a very basic design. The site does contain a lot of Asian porn content. What I like the way they have separated content into different categories. You can find any video you want by either using the search function, or browsing through the various categories. Although the site is fairly new, a considerable amount of content has already been posted. The site is updated quite frequently, so there is a significant amount of older movies still on the site, some from more than 10 years ago.

They also have an archive section that members can use to access the older sections of the site. The site has a mix of semi-exclusive and exclusive content. The exclusive content is clearly marked such that you can tell what is exclusive as you are browsing through the posts. Overall, there are over a 1000 videos posted to the site. I could tell most videos are in 1080 or 720 HD. This depends on whether you want to watch the videos online or download them. You can use download managers to download more videos, but the site does not support these third party download managers. Users may download up to 10GB per day and all the 10 GB can be downloaded in 1 hour.

Girls and Videos

Actually, this one of the few authentically Asian porn site that I have come across. While the content caters for an English speaking audience, cast models are exclusively from East Asia, and not from the West. One thing that you will probably like about this site is the variety of material that is here. They make an effort to ensure they cover all aspects of hardcore porn, from Lesbian to Bukakake. The alternative category has a wide range of perverted and bizarre content which appeals to many fans of Japanese porn. The public nudity category is an example of how diverse the content is.

They feature both amateur and professional models unclothed under different situations. There is a story behind every movie. For example, in one movie a debt collector compels a fresh Asian girl to strip and do as he orders for failing to pay her debts. Another video features a scene where a woman is made to strip in a train and have hardcore sex with a number of old perverted men. What I like about the scenes is that videos are also shot in different locations such as: trains, beaches, in the streets in restaurants, bathing houses and a wide range of other places.

There is a great effort that has been made to make public nudity really public. It is not a woman simply flashing out her body features. Videos are done professionally and are of good quality. I think that there are over a thousand videos on the site. From what I gathered, videos are uploaded twice a week. Members can download videos directly or use download managers. And if you have the bandwith, you can stream the movies directly in-browser..


Zenra is a great adult entertainment site for fans of Japanese and Korean amateur porn. I would recommend this site and give it an 8/10 rating. It gets its main points for being authentically Asian and the variety of content it offers.

Membership Price

Trial Price Monthly Price Yearly Price
 N/A $34.41  $91.19 – $7.59

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