Adult Empire

Adult Empire

The Site

There is a great feeling of abundance and adventure once you land on Adult Empire. The site presents one of the largest reserves of porn videos I have ever seen online. It is not your regular streaming site. Rather, it specializes in DVDs that contain a range of fetishes and sex entertainment preferences. You also get to visit the trannies’ section.

Site Features

Draped in red and white, the site has a deceiving look of simplicity. However, once you take a peek view of the menu attached on the top pane of the home page, you begin to understand that you have just entered a highly sophisticated porn site theater, and that you will need something of a map to really maneuver. The map I got came in the form of a drop down menu. The dropdown menu contains a detailed outline of what lies underneath. In fact, I think the drop down menu is one of the most useful tools the site provides for users. It is by use of this menu that I caught glimpse of what the site provides. There is also a flash trailer tour that helped me catch a flash view of what lies inside the storage layers of the site. I also loved the quality of photos presented. The videos are crisp clear form that adds to the value of the content. Navigation is a seamless affair for me despite the fact that the site is heavily laden with content. Although there are no such other services as live cam shows or bonuses, there is sufficient content to keep you entertained for hours on end. It is optimized for mobile access and loads decently fast.

The Content

The site comes with hot steamy, sexy girls raring to get you wet below the belt. The videos are professionally done too. You are given a chance to view the performances in clear perspective. The girls range from sexy amateurs trying out some soft porn antics to more experienced pornstars with flair of style and experience in titillating their audiences. These scenes are particularly entertaining to watch as the hot sexy and beautiful trannies insert their cocks in other trannies that look equally hot and spectacular. The combination of masculine energy and assertiveness in the sex encounters is neutralized by the pretty faces of the models and the curvy bodies. If you are ticked by the view of lingerie and designer panties or sheer nudity, then you get a good amount of that on this site too. There are sex toy sections in which you access videos of girls rubbing their pussies with some creatively crafted sex toys. It is also one of the few sites that provide a list of male sex toys for users to sample. The lists are comprehensive. They even provide you with links to purchase the toys. My experience on the site was ticked the most by Jodi West. She has the seductive tendencies of an experienced pornstar coupled with the innocent looks of a sexy and natural amateur. She leads in her sex sessions with an entertaining show of seductive antics. Her body is the ultimate definition of beauty. Her friends can’t help but admire the model as she pulls her seductive onslaught. When I finally got to view this girl in her skin and in a sex encounter, I was fully prepared for a fuck; albeit mentally with this gorgeous woman. Her sexy figure, coupled with the sturdy full boobs made me go into a sensual spin. You have over 30 DVDs on this site. The videos are a whopping 49996 scenes with a 12 minute playback for each. The files are made in MP4 format. There is no limit to the number of videos you can download once you are subscribed to any of their plans.

Quick Resume

The site is a great stop point for viewing a wide variety of sex scenes in great quality format. Their unique billing plan is something that you definitely want to try. The most conspicuous attraction for me was the large variety and volume. The fact that I could access whatever I wanted under the same roof provided a lot of convenience.