Big Church

Big Church

The Site

Big Church is a Christians and Catholics dating site that has attracted lots of interest from across the globe. Big Church seeks to link mature people of like mind to share in their life activities and possibly forge a permanent union. It is a free membership access platform with over 3000 active members at the moment.

Site Features

Big Church does not have any dominant color chosen as the default background. It is wrapped in, largely, the plain white background that is characteristic of basic sites. Users are guided to create a profile that allows them to become members. It is a simple process that involves filling in a form that contains easy personal data questions. One of the highlights of Big Church registration process is the point where they ask you to indicate your seriousness with the relationship you have with God. I was also requested to supply my email and indicate my denomination. There is a field for filling in your age and gender too. In the introduction to the community, you are requested to say what you want in a Christian partner. This is where you describe your ideal Christian partner and express your expectations. You are also required to state your hobbies and habits such as smoking or drinking. For the free membership, you are not allowed full access to the profiles of all the members of the site. Furthermore, those whose profiles you can see, only have their profiles displayed in part. You cannot befriend them or send personal messages.

The Content

There are many Christian women willing to offer a hand of friendship and pursue a relationship. With such wide membership, you expect to find every type of character. There is a wide spectrum of characters to choose from. I took a little while to subscribe to paid membership and realized I had been missing an opportunity to link up with very important people. The chat feature allows users to get in touch with members in their geographical location. Such matrices allow dating experience to become a lot more practical. It is easy to hook up with a real Christian friend from your local streets. Such a relationship stands a better chance to grow if the interested parties are equally serious people. There are many beautiful photos displayed in the members’ area for you to feed your eyes with. Once you have chosen the partner of your dreams, the site does a search. You can select your partner based on specific characteristics. If the search tool does not find the content you wish, it will leave your search in pending status and send you email if a new member with the characteristics you have has been located. Naturally, you expect such a member-driven site to have an advanced search tool. The search tool allows you to look for information; based on a wide range of terms. Big Church is more like a social media platform in which members can share all sorts of content including photos and videos. The site management has little control over what really happens in the exchange.

Quick Resume

Big Church helps you realize that shared values are key in forging relationships. This platform starts with the fact that members already share the Christian faith. There is plenty of activity to pursue and lots of friends to make. You will admit that for a site that largely relies on user content, the design, layout and user-friendliness is up to par. The fact that I could access Big Church under a free membership is great. It made me realize that the site is really worth subscribing.