The Site

Porn has been branching out quite lively the past few years and when I thought they would settle for the usual one on one sex activities, I never really imagined them going as far as promoting different other genres that require a whole group of people feeling good, orgasming at the same time, and just having the time of their lives while fucking each other. Of course, times have changed and it will forever be changing, and so are the things it brings. Just like most things, porn is evolving and it is bringing greater and sweeter deals to the table than the usual. Bisexual porn was not the thing before and I rarely found a porn site or DVD collection that actually showcased something in that genre.

Yet look at it now, bi porn is flooding the porn scene and there is nothing we can do about it but enjoy the gift heaven has blessed us (rather, the porn industry has blessed us with); but with the influx of bisexual porn, it becomes hard to sort the good ones from the bad ones. Also, that is why we are here. Reviews are you best friends at times like these and it never hurts to listen to one. Either way, I am here to tell you guys about this great bisexual porn site that gives really quality sex scenes and never fails to deliver its message across the many subscribers it gets. Guys, meet BiMaxx. Although the title sounds like a character from a famous non-porn network, this is far from that.

BiMaxx is an HD porn site that specializes in showing bisexual porn and hardcore sex. No duo could be considered better because it certainly is one of the best. BiMaxx is an adult site that features open minded, bisexual people that are not scared to engage with one another in a rather sex crazed marathon. Both girls and guys in this porn site have what it takes to deliver the best bisexual sex scenes that you will love every minute you are here. If you want your fair share of raunchy, lewd, and slutty porn that involves two guys getting it on with an equally horny girl (or even more people), then check this one out.

Site Features

BiMaxx is a place where you will find the best bisexual porn and it is no lie! Not only does their website design say a lot about that feature, it also exudes simplicity which makes it easier for the members of the site to concentrate on the given content rather than how the site appeals to as a superficial thing. The most important part the site has is their link placement and all. The navigation here is pretty sweet and very easy to decipher. The interface and the layout is very orderly and neat, something that really appealed to me because I have come across horrendous ones in the past (and even now). Now, back to the links I was talking about earlier. You will find them in the most convenient place which is the top part of site and it generally stays there no matter where you are.

This is to ensure that you get a hassle free experience when you move around. The links are lined up in a way that resembles an entire menu bar so I will refer to this as that. The menu bar consists of the ‘home’ button which resembles a house at this point. What a way to exercise their artistic skills, I say. All jokes aside, next to the home button is the ‘updates’ button which will initially and ultimately take you to a page where their latest updates and uploaded videos are found. Next to that is the ‘models’ button which will prompt you to their model index.

The model index will show you rows after rows of model’s portraits, both males and females, with their names and photos. There is not much information about each individual, but they will give you links to each and everyone’s videos. Next to the model index link, you will have the ‘live sex’ link which will take you to the page where you can find the available live cam shows that the site offers. Next to this is the ‘shop’ button which will take you to their online shop where they sell a variety of things including notorious sex toys for utmost pleasure.

Next is the ‘members’ button where you can log in by inputting your user name and password. In the main page, you will notice that the middle part consists of a ton of raunchy video thumbnails that will gradually just lead you to their respective videos once clicked. It is marked with HD like all others and has a video duration information. It is also titled but it does not have any description to help us decipher.

The Content

Now, the site title implies that you will be finding tons of bisexual people around here. You will see boys fucking each other, with girls joining in the fun. Majority of the times, you get the usual “two guys, one girl” threesome that includes both pussy and anal fucking. Other times, you get raunchy and wild orgies and foursomes. Either way, you get a great view of the videos and all of them are in high definition and are definitely raw to the hilt. The girls here are gorgeous and the guys here and handsome, jocks and chicks in the making, engaging in rigorous and amazingly hardcore sex. You may watch in your browser all the scenes available, or download them to your device in certain formats.

Quick Resume

BiMaxx brings out the best of bisexual porn and I regret nothing when I signed up for this little piece of heaven. The sex is amazing, everyone is so good looking, the videos are well produced, and there is so much to look forward to. Definitely worth recommending and also, expect a lot more since this site wields great potential.