Cum Blast City

Cum Blast City

The Site

If you have reached that limit where you no longer can look at all the similar porn, all the same styles, all the boring content, then it is high time that you change something, starting from the site you frequently visit. I have found one, that boasts with so much variety, that you can just enjoy and enjoy, having orgasm after orgasm, just like the dudes one the site do. With a name like Cum Blast City, you can only expect to see a cumshot in every video, nothing less.

Site Features

A site such as this one, with such a bombastic name, is required to have a design that matches, and it does, thankfully. I was amazed by what I saw on the home page. There are so many hot girls, that you simply cannot choose one over the other, and that is just the home page, mind you. This home page, unlike so many others, has a very stylistic design, one that you can definitely enjoy, and not only that, it is user friendly, too. So, with the brick like banner at the top of the page, you can see some girls, one is getting her face covered in cum, one is already covered in cum, while the third is just being pretty and almost naked.

With the menu buttons at your disposal, you can browse in a flash, due to the good optimization and the complete lack of lag. The transparent design allows for a very user friendly experience, meaning that you can find the videos in a second or so, with the sorting options, and the search bar, too. I found the site to be not only responsive, but very much so, especially on the mobile devices, where it really counts.

The Content

Though, with the technical side being so well made, you can only wonder what else you can find on this site, a site full of great content. Well, just go and see, and you will not be disappointed, as there are many girls there, all beautiful, all hot, all hungry for cocks. Not only will they fuck and suck, but they will do so with a lot of passion. Orgasms galore, on this site, both that of the girls, and of the guys, and of course, of the viewers, as well. I found it insanely easy to get to my orgasm, simply by playing a video. Not only are they easy to get, but you have every single pleasure while watching, that of the luxury of being able to play them wherever you want, and more importantly, of the quality of the content.

The girls are very sexy, but, what is also very nice to see, is the level of quality of the videos themselves. That being said, the resolution is high, and the details are incredibly sharp. With your eyes set on the prize, you can enjoy this site, and many more, specifically, over 9 more, because they come free with the membership. Going further into the details, you can even download the videos, all of them, on all of the sites, thus being able to start your own porn collection. With the regular updates, you will certainly have a lot to see and download, too.

Quick Resume

Cum Blast City, as its name suggests, has a lot of cumshots, and they are amazing, as well as the overall hardcore sex. Join this site full of great porn and you will never regret that decision.

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