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Hello, mates! Hope you are getting the best of your current porn site membership to one of the myriads of porn sites that we have recommended you throughout our reviews. If you are still looking for another porn site that you want to check out to spice up your sexual fantasies, we have another porn site that you might want to check out as well. The theme of our today’s porn site subject is a bit playful. You might even say, that trying the things done in this site might invigorate your cons, hustle, flimflams, stratagems, and tricks that you may have hidden inside your sleeves.

The modus operandi of the porn site that we are featuring today involves a fake audition (or interview in some of their feisty scenarios) wherein a hot and unsuspecting model(s) or interviewee are being carefully tricked into performing naughty things with the assigned fake interviewer. The best thing about this porn site is that all the interviewers are not men; they are smoking hot girls who just want to get their hands on the hottest guy or gal that they are interviewing. There are even times where our hot interviewer would experiment and do it with another feisty innocent looking chick who is for a job opportunity in the field of modeling. Here you will see how a shy prospecting model gets fucked hardcore by the most alluring and persuading enchantress.

Here you will see how a shy prospecting model gets fucked hardcore by the most alluring and persuading enchantress. So without further ado let us go ahead and introduce to you this porn site dedicated to entertaining us with a fake job interview or audition with a sexy twist; the name of this porn site is FemaleAgent. Just as we have emphasized on the previous paragraphs this porn site is focused in showing how hot chicks are capable of persuading an eager applicant to show off not only their intellectual capabilities and skills but also in showing off their skin while unleashing their inner sexual intensity.

In this porn site, you will see a series of naughty playbook like maneuvers skillfully performed by the hottest fake professionals that you will see in the face of the entire adult film industry. If you are planning to watch their videos you should consider purchasing lots of Gatorade, power bars, roll after rolls of tissue papers, and Vaseline as if you are planning to TP your jerk neighbor, because trust us, by the time you finished watching all their secret adult film productions you will feel hydrated and exhausted from…uhh…you know what I’m blabbering about mate. Moving on, the brilliant minds behind this one of a kind amateur like adult film production site is the very same adult film network who brought us FakeTaxi, Public Agent, Fake Hospital, and FakeAgentUK.

It is the FakeHub porn network. Joining the FakeHub porn network is quite easy. All you need to do is, first, create your membership account; the second step is for you choose from their membership plan options; and then you are good to go and enjoy the porn video offerings of FemaleAgent. Not only that, when you have successfully finished signing up for the porn network’s membership, you will get unlimited access to all the porn sites under their umbrella. All the porn sites under the FakeHub porn network are regularly updated, one hundred percent secure and discreet, and most of all, it allows members to do unlimited downloads.

Site Features

The porn site’s web design is very true to their porn niche’s theme. As you look upon its welcome banner you will get to see a fake job posting bill that you usually see posted on walls. The banner has this unique crumpled paper background together with an image of a sample announcement paper saying that a hot modeling agent is coming to “your city”. Below the banner, the site continues, with a plain black background and a display of previews that they have featuring their latest videos.

Each of these previews displays the following: the video’s title, different-sized thumbnails showing the most exciting scenes in the video, a video trailer, and finally, a short description of what the video is all about. And that is basically everything that you will see on their homepage – numerous previews. At the very bottom, on the site’s footer, you will then see a banner showing the different sites within the FakeHub porn network, and finally a list of the other membership perks that you will get to enjoy after signing up.

The Content

The types of girls who pose as a fake female agent were not really specified, but the ladies that we have seen so far are mostly blonde Caucasians. They are sexy, busty, and definitely confident-looking chicks who are pretty convincing agents. It seems that they really know what they are talking about. Hence, we would not be surprised if every single time, an unaware applicant would fall into their plot. As for the “aspiring models,” there weren’t any specifics listed as well.

We are thinking that these people just depend on who they pick up along the way, or those who fall into their trap, so there’s really no guessing what type of chick or dude you are going to see next. This is probably the best asset of the porn site FemaleAgent – you don’t know what to expect. There’s always this exciting feeling of anticipating who will fall for next.

Quick Resume

If you are a fan of this type of porn niche, then you should definitely sign up for this porn site as well. And while you are at it, you can check out the other porn sites within the FakeHub porn network too because they are definitely nothing short of being creations of absolute geniuses. We salute the awesome person who first thought about this type of porn site. Thank you for making this world so much more interesting.

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