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There are a lot of different fetishes that a man could have. Some of the known ones are being tied up, spanking, and much more. However, it does not necessarily mean that your fantasy needs to physically hurt in order to be considered as a fetish. There are a lot of different fetishes out there that does not require a higher physical tolerance to soreness. In fact, one of the most popular fetishes of all, the foot fetish, does not even hurt a bit. And this is the topic of our discussion right now. Foot fetish. What is it about women’s feet that turn on men? There are a lot of different answers but the one that is most logical is that it has something to do with the power play between the people engaging in that certain sex act. Let’s face it, sex cannot be separated from power.

This is the reason why there are different niches like female domination, hardcore sex scenes, and other genres like that. Just having sex, and taking control over it, gives this certain surge of power and adrenaline that makes the act feel so much better. Now, our feet are the lowest parts of the body. It touches the ground we walk on. It bears the weight of the entire body. It is even said to be the dirtiest part of the body, competing with our hair on a hot and polluted summer day. In this light, having someone literally worship your feet is great. It gives you that sense of power that we were talking about earlier, don’t you think? It makes you feel superior. And this is the reason why foot or feet fetish is very popular. Delivering this porn niche, though, requires a certain finesse or class, because it has a tendency to be disgusting or a complete turn off which will defeat the purpose of watching it in the first place. Hence, we made it our mission to search for a foot fetish site that is classy and with really nice feet!

To make the long story short, we have finally found it! This is also why I’m so excited to share the site with you right now. It is everything we ever wanted in a foot fetish site, and more. It has nice well-groomed feet belonging to some of the most gorgeous chicks we have seen online. Next, the guys in the porn videos that they present are really feet worshippers – you will see their enthusiasm on every single video. They are not faking it. Finally, they mix other genres in the videos as well, so it’s not all feet licking and foot hugging the entire show. There’s some hardcore anal porn, threesome, and lesbian action in there as well. Without much ado, this porn site is called FootsieBabes. What’s more is that the porn network even provides access to their other sites once you sign up as a member on FootsieBabes which means that if you really enjoy the way they make their videos then you would surely see a lot of them after becoming a member.

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We had the opportunity of reviewing other 21Sextury porn sites in the past so we are already familiar with their website design. The FootsieBabes porn site is no different. And this is good because they are really maintaining the branding of the entire network. They are staying true to their theme. For those who are not familiar with the 21Sextury website look though, we can tell you that it is classy yet very straightforward. It gives you the content you need straight on. There are no confusing and flashy banners. You are not going to see any colorful posters. You are just going to see the sleek black and rose theme of the site, with a plain black background. Their thumbnails are really impressive. They are clear and crisp, showing the full high-definition quality of all their videos effectively. They are the right size as well, enough to enjoy the scene that they are showing on the thumbnail. It does not contain other information about the video, just the title. However, once you hover over the thumbnail, it will show you even more action-filled scenes of that particular video.

The Content

The 21Sextury porn network takes pride in the lovely porn stars they have on their site, because they all look so classy and elegant as well. Simply put, they don’t look like horny sluts. According to the network’s brochure, their models are Western, mostly European, with beauties hailing from the Czech Republic. All the scenes are pretty clean as well. They take place in settings with pristine white bed sheets, newly polished wooden furniture, and other clean places – as opposed to the back-of-the-bar places where other porn sites shoot. This is also the reason why we believe that this porn site is not for men alone. Women would also enjoy watching their porn videos because they were all done in style. Finally, all of the scenes look pretty believable as if all of them could really happen in real life. They don’t have rushed scenes. All of the videos have ample seduction and foreplay. Their sex scenes are also done at a regular pace – just as how we would do it.

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If you have enjoyed this review, then we do not have any doubt that you would enjoy the porn site as well. Hence, let us share with you, its membership details. They have three membership options: a monthly, three-month, one-year plans. They also have a trial membership option to those who want to test the waters first. Just remember that access to the other porn sites within the adult network is already included when you register for any of the three main membership options that they provide. The website closed, check Foot Worship for more feet porn

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