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Humans are naturally selfish. This selfishness is what makes us want all big things for ourselves. Even when it comes to sexuality, we all dream of and love big things ranging from huge cocks to large chestnut like breasts. Many things define the beauty of a woman depending on the opinions of the man who is to consider her beautiful – as it has been rightfully put, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, there are those bodily features whose presence and appearance predominate any description of what beauty is. One of these features it the bust. Women with big and well-rounded busts which are not drooping can be considered beautiful by many. One of these women whose beauty is mainly emphasized by the mighty size and sexy shape of their breasts is Lana Kendrick. Lanakendrick is a network that offers exclusive content which includes numerous photos and videos concerning Lana Kendrick’s great mammary glands. This network was launched in 2014. Lana’s large breasts are said to be natural – she is said not to have used any pharmaceutical agents that could have played a role in first inducing and later maintaining the large size of her bust. Of course every man and lesbian girl would want to get as close as possible to this large and natural chestnut breasts. This is exactly why lanakendrick exists – to bring you as close as possible to the great breasts. The network features plenty of media content featuring Lana flaunting the large bits of flesh which surround her hard and straight nipple. This can just get more exciting as the quality of the content being offered is very high. Media content offered on this site is purely exclusive. The network has a daily download limit of as much as six gigabytes of exclusive content. This is a substantial amount of video content and this fact combined with the fact that streaming from this network is possible makes sure that the viewer is never inconvenienced. All content on this network including media content in the advertisements is one hundred percent exclusive. The network has also been made extremely easy for one to navigate through as several browsing options are provided.

Site Features

The network features numerous exclusive videos all with exciting themes. Among the themes featured are fetish, oiled, high definition and lingerie. The network features numerous pictures with up to twenty one galleries available for viewing at present. Each of those galleries contains sixty pictures. The pictures are arranged and can be downloaded in zip sets. The pics have dimensions of three thousand by two thousand and are of high resolution. The pictures are also very clear and do not have any lighting or airbrushing issues. No download managers have been shown to be compatible with or be able to work on this network. However, the fact that streaming is possible almost nullify the disadvantage that this would pose to the viewer. MP4 videos can be streamed using the large or medium sized Flash players. The videos stream at very good speeds. The browser also has acceptable speeds thus the viewer is not inconvenienced and can therefore enjoy as much content as they wish to. Free live camera shows are not offered on this network. However, the large amounts of exclusive content offered on this network seem to have perfectly sufficed for the lack of live camera shows. Media on this network mainly features individual models flaunting their sexy bodies with Lana Kendrick particularly predominating. Network also features some other themes like big boobs and various porn stars. Amateur porn scenes including blow jobs also feature on this site. The network updates weekly. However, numerous content can be uploaded on to the network by the twelve highly active sites anywhere between the weekly updates. This network incorporates a vast number of highly active sites. Currently, twelve different sites share in and upload their exclusive content on to this network. The twelve sites include:

* Nude Bra 1

* Silk Spectre 2

* Workout House

* Patriotic House

* Solid Gold 1

* Solid Gold 2

The Content

Every media uploaded on to this network surrounds Lana Kendrick’s mighty breasts thus Lana is the main star and model featuring on this network. Lana is joined by her model friends and occasionally a fan in a number of scenes. All movie episodes offered on this network are of full High Definition quality. The network features more than forty four movie episodes each with an approximate length of eight minutes at the moment. Full length videos are also offered on this site. High Definition videos of Windows format with dimensions of one thousand nine hundred and twenty by one thousand and eighty can be viewed at a bit rate of ten thousand nine hundred and twenty six (10926k). Videos of MP4 format and can be streamed with dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty can be viewed at a bit rate of eight thousand one hundred and ninety (8190k) while videos of MP4 format which cannot be streamed with dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty can be viewed at a bit rate of eight thousand one hundred and ninety (8190k).

Quick Resume

Watching Lana Kendrick flaunt her huge bust with a few scenes of naughty action including tit jobs and licking is actually the ultimate entertainment. Lanakendric is an ultimate site which is ever active as new uploads are added regularly. This is a site that can keep yoku glued to your screen through. A big daily download limit and compatibility with streaming players also ensures enhancement of the viewer’s own convenience. Simply put, this is a site that you cannot afford not to join unless of course there is a problem or another with you.

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