Limited Audience

Limited Audience

The Site

Limited audience is a site that has a collection of slavish erotica organized in images, photo stories and videos. The content is made exclusively for the site. All the images and video can be accessed for a reasonable monthly or a 90 day fee.

Site Features

The first thing you’ll notice when you land on the homepage is the slide show of movies, photos and videos of the latest photos. There is a dark background with red colours for some of the text. The site has a gothic theme around it, which explains the design and the main photos used on the site. The design makes the site to look classy. There are several categories you’ll see on the top menu including the models category. You can sort through the list of models alphabetically, or go through the latest page starting from the most recent to the oldest photos and videos. The site has recently been enhanced to work with portable devices.

You can view all the movies and photo galleries through your mobile phone and tablet. The videos are either in 720 or 1080p HD. They are either in WMV or MP4 format and only the trailers can be watched online. All the other videos need to be downloaded. Most of the videos are short anyway and so this will not be a problem. The download speeds are quite high, and you can download as many videos as you want without restrictions. The blog section contains the latest news about the site. Here you can find information about what has been changed recently. There is also some content with shots and footage of the behind the scenes peek of each model or movie.

The Content

The models are punk girls, since most of the content is based on a medieval theme. The women are often seen in knee high boots, punk jewellery and dyed hair. Leather outfits are also common. However, there are more than 100 women, who have been featured on the site so far. Some are white and a few are Asian and black. All models are slim sexy and fit. Some of the photos and videos are shot outdoors. Since the site is all about women in enslavement, there are a lot of photos and videos that have been taken in a jail like location. Abandon dungeons are also common.

Some models can be seen tied up in a medieval throne, perhaps by a medieval royalty, who enjoys seeing her lady bound and shagged. Some of the photos and movies will not be an interesting, if they were not in the form of photo stories. Each movie or photo gallery has a short description that helps you to figure out what is happening to the model, or what led her to be tied and gagged. In one of the stories, a cute black model Kayla plays the role of a detective that has been captured after trying to find clues in a crime scene. However, there are picture galleries that do not have story lines. The models is simply gagged and tied to a pole and gagged.

Quick Resume

The site has been around for some time, which could explain the amount of content you’ll find here. On top of that, the photos are of very high quality and are enhanced to be aesthetically pleasing and the movies are shot in HD. This site is therefore highly recommended.

This site is no longer updated, why don’t you try Kink?

Membership Price

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