The PantyJob is one nasty piece of fetish site, though it doesn’t cover anything really hardcore. It’s a site, where you can enjoy watching videos that cover a heavy hardcore porn niche, but it offers that without featuring penetration. This panty-fucking website is a really hot fetishist page, and if you like to watch cute girls, and guys fucking panties, you will certainly enjoy this compilation. It’s not alone in the jungle though. If you register on the site, and you stay as a member for more than three days, you get access to the whole network that this site belongs to. It’s a great bonus, because all sites are updated regularly and they all offer you unique, totally exclusive videos. The members’ zone isn’t cluttered with advertisements which fact grants the site a huge plus.

Design & Features

If you’ve landed on the tour page you might already see that taking this tour will be an awesome experience. Now, some would frown on things like panty-fucking, but who cares about those folks. You may be a skeptic yourself, but as soon as you start digging, you might change your mind. The tour is really rich, and you can start it seconds after you enter the site. There are two pages you can browse, each lists 3 video; you can watch the matching trailer for them by hitting the play button. After you’ve finished watching the trailer, and you decide to join, you will land in the members’ zone of the PantyJob. The site has a bright color theme, and as you can see the main menu is on the top. From there you can reach the bonuses, the dating site and some other things. The most important thing is that you can get to the updates really soon. Under the menu, you can see the only sorting options that the site offers: there are the Photos, Downloadable HD Movies and the Flash Movies sections, and they are also sorted into Softcore and Hardcore sub-categories. The downloadable HD movies are in WMV format. These are provided in very good quality, and if you take a look at them, you can see that many of them are not just HD. You can enjoy these panty-jobs in Full-HD too. All scenes of the site are available in a Flash video stream too, and though it’s also a good option, it doesn’t offer HD quality. The stream is good, but as always, it’s recommended to let it buffer for at least a minute, so you can enjoy the whole movie without buffering and lagging. There are photos on the site too, and their number seems to exceed the videos’. The 160+ galleries contain usually more than 100 pictures. These are photos and screen captions mixed. You can browse them in the members’ zone, or save in one file.

Girls & Videos

The girls on the Panty-Job are all professionals; at least they are all semi-professional porn stars. These girls already have a few videos shot, and those who are experienced porn viewers might saw them on other sites that offer hardcore videos of cute girls under twenty. On this site, you will find some astonishing beauties. They are all Caucasians, and as you might expect from a bit pervert website like this, they are European cuties. If they talk in the videos, you probably won’t understand a word unless you speak Russian. When you take a look at these cuties, you might see that they are all naturals. This gives the site a big thumb up, because in difference to the Western porn stars, being natural is a hot feat, and it makes the girls much more tempting. Their perky tits are things to worship, and their overall appearance is really hot. As you will see, the models of the site have really hot ass and when they are bending over, or flashing them, it’s quite certain that you will feel your pant-snake waking up. The site focuses on panty-jobs, but if you like fresh, shaved pussies, you ought to see some too. All movies here feature panty-jobs. If we want to categorize the site it could easily fit as a softcore porn site, because there is no penetration. However, you actually get to see the genitals of both parties and also men’s ejaculation is also show, so this makes the site to be a hardcore page. Let’s settle with it now, but there will be a twist. As you may expect from a hardcore site, these videos are staged, though they not necessarily follow a script. One of the major things you have to know about these scenes that they will be utterly satisfying for you, if you want to see red cocks. Actually, the Panty-Job is a site where you can enjoy heavy hardcore porn. Though there isn’t any penetration happening these videos cover a fetish, and that automatically make it heavy hardcore. So, it’s all about panties and panty-job. They call panty-job when the guy doesn’t turned on by the pussy or the girls, instead he is hot for the panties, and instead of fucking the pussy the panties hide, he rubs his cock against the panties. All videos here feature this kind of special sex, so if you want to watch guy with large hard cocks fucking panties, and the blow their load over the girl’s body, you shall check this compilation.


The Panty-Job is an exciting website. The girls are all hot, and they are performing really well, though most of the times their only task is to enjoy that once in a while not their sweet holes are the ones that get drilled. This site has a very hot fetish covered, and if you are into this type of porn, you should certainly give it a try. Those who prefer some other niches and fetishes may want to visit the included bonus sites, where they can find a few other hardcore stuffs.

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