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Great things happen when changes are introduced in the way we go about doing our day-to-day activities. Technology, for example, has made life easier for many of us in numerous ways, such as easier travel between cities and better means of communication. Better means of communication implies easier sharing of knowledge, information and content, which can include news, music, movies and porn.

Porn! What has porn got to do with sharing of content and information? Porn is a form of content that people consume, I mean, watch, in their leisure time, so that they can live their fantasies. Many guys like you love to watch porn because the slut getting fucked attracts you. You want to watch the slut’s breasts being fondled and nipples sucked, and the idea of a rock-hard cock moving back and forth in a wet cunt is a sight to behold.

Rather than watching these videos, what if you get to experience them? No, I am not talking about you going to a professional service provider. There are other ways you can experience them, and one way is to use virtual reality. Virtual reality is a technology that involves using a pair of VR goggles, and experiencing porn in a simulated environment.
So, are there any sites which offer you the luxury of experiencing virtual reality porn? Yes, there are a handful of them, and the one I liked the most is RealityLovers. Would you want to know more about this site? What it offers and how you will experience porn with the help of the VR goggles? Then hop on to this review we prepared for you.

Site Features

Why did I like RealityLovers? Is it because the site offers only VR porn? Or is there anything extra that this site provides? You must have guessed what I am intending to highlight here. RealityLovers is not the run-of-the-mill site that you have come across so many times in your life. There is something exceptional about RealityLovers, and that’s what we shall review in this section on Design and Features.

With 67 videos on this site, and two new releases every week, the site has a lot to offer you. The design of this site is modest and unassuming, while being sophisticated and professional. There are no unnecessary graphics and images to distract you. All links, trailers and images are in relation to the nature of content. The only image that the site has used is a watered-down photograph of beautiful and sexy sluts, naked and in a very seductive pose, hugging each other. Your kinky mind would search for those nipples touching. The slut on top is licking the other bitch’s tongue, while looking lustfully into the camera. This image casts a spell on you that is difficult to forget.

The colour scheme used is very elegant, and comprises of red, grey and white, with black used in the footer. Red and grey are used alternatively to highlight the videos. There are 10 photo thumbnails for each video and a trailer with a double image. You can watch the trailer for free and it runs for a couple of minutes or so. The videos have a 3D effect, with 180-degree range of view and binaural sound. With head tracking technology, you can watch every minute detail of the props and backgrounds. A description, title of the video, its duration and date of release are also mentioned.

At the top, there are links to the important areas of the site, such as the Joining page, Login page, a Help page and finally a Blog page. Yes, you read it right, Blog. The blogs help you keep in touch with the latest developments of this site. There is also the option of signing up for a newsletter, and you can ensure that you do not miss out on all important updates from the site. To watch these videos, you will need an appropriate VR gear, such as Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. You can also use your Android or iOS based mobile, converting it to your VR gear.

The Content

The design and features are not the only reason why you should subscribe to this site. There are other reasons too, and they are the sluts and videos that this site presents to you. The names of the sluts can be found in the Blog section. About 30 porn-stars model for this site, and you will find them exclusively on this site only. While most of them are Europeans, you will also find a couple of American chicks, some Latinas and a few ebonies too. Curly haired, blonde, brunette, redheads, dark haired, the sluts are well-endowed with trimmed or clean shaven pussies. Brilliant stuff and difficult to replicate easily!

When you watch these chicks performing through the VR goggles, you will find them looking directly into your eyes. This gives you a realistic feel about the porn, and that you are an active participant in the entire sexual act. So, your jerk-off experience is closer to reality than before; and this is your ultimate wish, isn’t it? The videos are very diverse and there is something for everyone on this site; well, not for gays, though. From solo performances to threesomes, couple sex to lesbian videos, voyeur to maledom and femdom, you will be spoilt for choice.

I like watching two beautiful bitches play with each other. When Latina lesbo bitches Manuela and Francys are thrown in a room, you know what will happen. The sluts cannot sit idle with their clothes on for more than a minute. Stripping each other, they indulge in the most insane lesbian sex you may have ever seen. Eating each-other’s pussies, assholes, licking the cunt juices, finger fucking, and putting their tongues and fingers to effective use, the two bitches experience multiple orgasms after the insane sex session. The two sluts are very happy to please you with their lesbian act.

There is something sexy about piercings, and I love nipple, navel and pussy piercings. Both Manuela and Francys had their sexy navels pierced, and when they stripped, their pierced navels looked very hot indeed. The breasts were perfectly sculpted and nipples were taut and inviting you to suck them hard. I loved every minute of the trailer that I saw. You should watch it too, and your dick will start oozing pre-cum before the trailer ends.

Quick Resume

Reality Lovers is a great site to subscribe to, and you will never ever go back to a slumber without a satisfied cock. But then, how about affordability? A very affordable site, you can choose from recurring or prepaid plans. If you heed my advice, then you will opt for the annual recurring plan, which allow you unlimited access to this site and watch all the porn videos of your choice. You will also be pleased to know that this site has been nominated for the 2017 AVN Awards at Las Vegas. This speaks volumes of its popularity and quality. Wait no more and click Join. Welcome to the new world of VR porn.

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