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The Upper Floor

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The Upper Floor is a BDSM porn site with lots of entertainment options for domination fetish lovers. You are provided with rare and reality porn from the upper floors of Kinky in San Francisco. These are videos and photos captured from real sex encounters. All the videos are presented in full HD form. There are many varying sex scenes to keep you glued on your screen for a long time.

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Site Features

The Upper Floor is wrapped in impressive dark brown background hues. There is a clever mix of black too. The platform looks attractive and carefully designed overall. Navigation on the platform has been made easy by several browsing options. There is a list of tagged captions that lead into the actual movies splashed on the home page. You also have a video trailer that offers a quick cross-section of the scenes. Users may also check out the models throughout the kinky platform on the model index provided; although I wish they had provided an independent model index for only the models on The Upper Floor. There are several sort and filter tools to enhance your navigational experience. There is no advanced search tool but I had an easy time getting around the platform. Users are offered streaming in several options with the Flash Player and the MP4 Player. You also get you videos in WMV form. There is no limit to the number of videos you can download. I was impressed when I discovered that I could check out the flicks straight from my mobile phone. The loading speed is impressive. The flicks and photos are updated on weekly basis. You are provided with a whole set of videos in full HD form. I could also access the masters, directors, mistresses and the slaves in a live cam session that allowed me to chat and share with the characters. There is a great sense of community participation facilitated with the live performances.

The Content

There are enthusiastic models featured in a variety of sex encounters that will easily arouse the BDSM fetish fans. Users are offered a glimpse into the actual training sessions that feature the slaves and mistresses in their nude. The videos range from paired slave and master or mistress flicks to sex orgies that feature several performers in raunchy sex encounters. The videos are crisp clear stuff that shows you the action close to the camera. I loved the scenes that feature the girls tied up and strapped to beds as they are fucked by dudes with large cocks as one or two girls caresses and sucks her tits and cherry. Other scenes feature the cutie slaves in similar situations as they are stirred to orgasmic spasm with vibrators that are placed right on their cherries. You can’t help experiencing an erection with the reaction from the hotties. Users can check out the flicks and photos as much as they can. You have a similar number of galleries that contain over 100 pics per set. All content presented is exclusive to The Upper Floor. The pics also come in great quality high res specs.

Quick Resume

The slaves are lovely. The masters and mistresses are equally kind and loving. The sex scenes are varied, raunchy and steaming hot. The content presented is HD quality form that is exclusive to the users on The Upper Floor. The community element of community on the platform is a great value addition to the entertainment.

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