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Hardcore is something that you do not get on all porn sites, especially hardcore of a great quality, something to remember, both in the terms of content, and in the terms of image sharpness. Well, this site, one called Throated, as its name might suggest, deals with girls getting their pussies penetrated, their mouths, too, by cocks so large, that they can barely fit, yet alone be completely inside. Yet, somehow, that happens, to the pleasure of both the involved people in the scene, and that of the viewers.

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Site Features

And what makes a site great if not its content? Well, it is never all about the content, as sometimes, you might want to represent that content in the best possible way. Sometimes, that means just having a good design, one that this site has. I love the fact that the colors mix so nicely, as there are many shades of black and red, combined together to leave that impression of hardcoreness, one that will follow you throughout the site’s pages. The home page has that sliding image, the giant one, that changes automatically, and that has some of the site’s content, all there in front of you, ready for the taking. If that is not enough, there are other previews, below, previews that you can click, but not open, as the best is reserved for the members, only. Being one is advised, and becoming one is easy, due to good optimization, such as the one on the site, and it enables you to go around quickly, use the sorting options, and finally, get to everywhere you want in a moment’s notice. That is also thanks to the swift response time, which means no lag, at all. That also means that the site is mobile friendly, for more than just one or two devices.

The Content

What also makes this site stand out, in the sea of other sites, is the fact that you can watch so many hardcore videos, and never tire of the content. That is also because the people in those videos, the actors, performers, they have a passion, once that can easily take you over, and that same passion is the thing that can bring you pleasure, the kind that you are unlikely to experience anywhere else. About the male and the female actors, well, they are all very sexy, each person in their own way. Their bodies are hot, however, and seeing them fuck will make you even more aroused. The hardcore action gets better with every video, the deepthroating makes the girls horny, and the ensuing guys’ orgasms are just amazing, there is a lot of sperm, and it usually ends up in the girls’ mouths. But, there are surprises here waiting for you, and they take form of other websites, over 7 of them, all networked, all there for you to explore and enjoy. The content of those sites is exclusive, just like that of this one, and it is also updated regularly, very regularly.

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If you like hardcore, and have that preference for blowjobs, then look no further, as you have found your new home, a site called Throated. Judging by its name, you can guess the content, but, to be sure, you will see some of the most hardcore blowjobs, the kind that will surely get you aroused, and get you to that point of no return, where pure pleasure is guaranteed.

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