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Russia has always produced quality porn sites over the years (well, most European countries do) and it is not hard to do so since they are plagued with really gorgeous women with equally gorgeous bodies. Porn has always been exciting in my experience if I come across Russian chicks doing the nasty. So, imagine my surprise and happiness when I came across a network that supplied the general public a list of really well made Russian porn sites. One of the things that I noticed with Russian adult films though is that they like to add twists and turns, including some really odd sprinkles. They particularly like making reality porn films and I cannot say that it is bad. Rather, it something unique and something really good.

There are a few that I can name but one that truly caught me is this one called TrickyAgent. Yes, the name itself explains a lot already. This agent tricks girls into having sex with him. Not just any sex, he makes sure it goes slowly and surely, and then he makes it hardcore. The entire scene, of course, is staged, but it does not mean you will not enjoy the content. After all, that is exactly how porn works most of the time. The niches covered here are reality porn, hardcore sex, and amateur girls. With those three combined, you have the ultimate weapon of pleasure.

Launched in May 2013 by Serious Cash and is under a rather huge network called Dirty Flix, this particular porn site is considered royalty with its many nominations and awards won. They have been recognized by plenty of third party groups and famous porno magazines. Dirty Flix manages a lot of great European porn sites so expect this one to be no different. The amazing thing about TrickyAgent is that they come up with a lot more than your usual man on woman schemes. They actually make sure that their content is not the same with another.

Site Features

TrickyAgent , like all sites managed by Serious Cash, is blessed with a simple and minimalist site design. This means, more time to ogle at the site’s content and less time to discriminate on how it looks like. White background, blue borders, and black font colors make up most of the site’s design. The navigation system is absolutely delightful and very easy to understand and use. It basically is easy as pie. The site has a great user interface that will aid the members of the site with their browsing experience. The site is arranged neatly and orderly, making sure that the subscribers do not find flaws in it. Never in my time in here did I ever get lost and that is saying a lot since I mostly stray away from where I am supposed to be in most porn sites.

This just means that TrickyAgent refuses to be cluttered with unnecessary links and all. Of course, with its simplicity, they opted to only have a few links and these links will take you to where you want and need to go. It is straightforward and advanced, and with the right knowledge, you will have the easiest time around here. Before anything else though, you should know that the site is a pay site so do not forget to register as a member and choose a payment plan. You can only access the site’s features, videos, and photo sets if you are a member. If that seems to be in order, you are free to do anything you please in here, this includes plenty of other things like viewing and downloading photo sets.

Yes, there are photo sets in the site and they amount to almost a hundred this time. Each photo set contains around 80 to 100 high resolution photos with a dimension of 1600 x 1200. These sets can be download as zip files or you can always save them individually. The photos inside are either really good video caps or professionally taken photos. Either way, they are present in almost all videos and they come as sets. Trailers are also available for watching in the main page. Newly uploaded videos always have a photo set in tow, a video thumbnail, a trailer, and a vivid description of what is about to happen in the corresponding scene. It is also properly titled and rated.

You can both rate and comment on the videos as you wish and other people will be able to see this. This is rather helpful for some people because it will help them judge. With its exclusivity, you can be assured that you will get unique content that you will be unable to find anywhere else. In addition, your TrickyAgent membership comes with something much greater than extra videos and sets; you get free access to a variety of other porn sites that belong to the Dirty Flix network. If that is not a good enough deal, I certainly do not know what is. Be sure to check them out because they last as long as your account is there.

The Content

These amateur Russian chicks despite the amateur tag sure know how to work a great porno scene. They are so good at being gullible and innocent that you would actually buy into the whole “reality” part. These Russian beauties will engage first in erotic and softcore activities, followed by a mind blowing hardcore sex scene. The videos last for at least thirty minutes so expect a whole load of excitement and pleasure during that time frame. As of now, there are almost 100 videos in store for each of the members of the site. You may download these in MP4 or Windows format or stream these in your browser with a Flash player, either way, you get great quality of at least 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Quick Resume

If you are into reality porn and hardcore porn, this site is an absolute delight to begin with. Not only will you be greeted with beautiful women engaging in beautiful sex, you get great quality videos and a good update pace. The quantity count is not too bad and many videos have been added ever since.

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