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The VideosZ is a huge archive site, where you can find old and new porn DVDs, collected into one large library that you can browse and view online, or download as much as you like. There are some other sites like the VideosZ, but this spectacular page has a good collection, and by good we mean amazing. The site features scenes covering soft niches, just as they go all the way to the nastiest, dirties things like fetishes and BDSM. During the twelve years that passed since the site launched it has built up a library of more than 17,455 DVDs, covering nearly a hundred porn niches. The site doesn’t feature only US porn, there are thousands of European porn DVDs, and you may not understand what they are talking about, but the nasty sex that those guys and gals perform is something you should see. You don’t know that you like German porn until you give it try, but while you are at it, you might also enjoy porn videos of your favorite US stars too. In fact, this compilation represents how the World should work: everyone has a place and they get along, even complement each other.

Now, as with all archive/collection sites, the content here is semi-exclusive. Since almost all DVDs are available as physical entities, these are only exclusive in the manner of online publishing, though many of them appear on their studio’s site and other archives. However, the site seems to have some exclusive videos too, so you might find here scenes you won’t get anywhere else. There are some network sites of the VideosZ, you may have come across then now and then. Those pages are usually grant a bit of insight on the content, most of them are thematic like the MILFZ. If you land on any of these pages, you can register with a calm mind, since they all grant you a pass to the full archive of the VideosZ. As for updates, it seems that the site has a busy schedules, since there is at least one scene added a day, though in most cases, multiple daily updates take place.

Site Features

As you take the tour on the VideosZ, you can explore the full collection, but unfortunately there are no preview trailers, so your only sources for insight are the pictures you can find throughout the page. The design is friendly, and the layout is also very easy to follow. On the top, you can see the actual statistics of the VideosZ, and these are not fake numbers, they show the exact number, and after you log in, you can browse that much porn. It will be quite easy to navigate through the content even in tour mode, because the videos’ and the models’ page has multiple filtering options. In case you don’t want to filter the lists, you can type in the search bar what you are looking for. If you join the site, these options will be there to help you out, so finding videos that fit your taste is an easy thing to do.

The VideosZ grants you access to every video ever added to the collection, and with the numerous options to sort them, you won’t feel lost, not even for a second. There will be a personal menu, where you can reach your favorite contents: you can build a DVD or scenes collection, or you can list your favorite pornstars. Also there are options to create playlists. Browsing is comfortable; we already cleared that aspect, but what about the videos? Well, they are certainly served in convenient ways. First, you can watch them in your browser, without having to wait for downloads to finish. For this, the site grants a Flash-stream of videos with normal quality, but a number of HD streams is already available, and grows. The scenes of the VideosZ are also yours to save, and if you are looking for high quality that’s the way to get it. Usually the newest files (from the past two-three years) are the ones that offer HD or Full-HD, while the older ones are usually in SD. Vidcap galleries are also available, and nowadays the site also has a mobile page for you.

The Content

It’s a bit hard to tell anything about the girls, because there are more than 13,000 different chick featured on the VideosZ. This number alone guarantees the variety, and if you just take a look on the options at the models’ list, you can see that there are all ethnicities and all nationalities represented form all continents of our World. There are lots of natural cuties, and just as you might expect from professional porn, there are thousands of models with huge fake tits, ass and lips. These DVDs are all studio-made, so there is no amateur porn featured on the VideosZ. The scenes are staged, scripted and captured in professional manner. You can find here videos shot from different angles, but the popular styles like gonzo and PoV are also featured, so no one will find it boring. As far as the niches covered, let’s just say that there is nothing humanly possible and socially accepted that’s not featured here. The majority of the collection features hardcore sex, but the collection has a darker side too with BDSM, fetishes and gangbang… if it’s not enough, you shall take a look at the Japanese or the German videos of the VideosZ.

Quick Resume

Every porn fan should take a look at what the VideosZ has to offer. With more than 101,000 hardcore porn scenes, this site has one of the greatest collection, which you can access for a quite friendly fee. In case you like variety, your time spent on the VideosZ will prove to be worthwhile, since it has possibly all ethnicities present, and nearly all countries of the world gave at least one star to the site. With the neat sorting, filtering and searching options, navigating through this collection is really easy, and it’s quite sure that you can find at least dozens of videos you may like.

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