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For the gay audience, there are many hardcore porn sites out there. However there aren’t too much Black on Black and other ethnic-porn websites, so it’s always a fine task to review portals which offer this kind of popular, but not quite common niche. On the DarkThunder, you can watch as semi-professional Black gay pornstars are fucking each other hard, and end each session with a large thunder-blast of cum on their partner’s body or face. This AEBN-powered website comes from the Gunz Blazing program, and it has been on the company’s sites’ list since 2008. It seems that the first videos arrived during 2009, and the update dates suggest a monthly schedule.

One thing we noticed that the site’s collection doesn’t really grow: the recently dated videos are usually older scenes – sometimes they get upgraded, sometimes they don’t. So, we have here a hot niche, and you get more than 160 scenes featuring this action. We weren’t able to locate the exclusivity information about the website’s content, but we think that these scenes are not fully exclusive. They probably came from already published DVDs, and so they are also available in physical form, just as you may find them on gay DVD archive websites. But, don’t give up on the site, because its definitive, dedicated selection of hardcore porn will keep you busy, and the extras are going to keep you interested in being a member. In fact, the bonuses are the hottest features of the site – but the content is great for its juicy nature, of course.

The first bonus you get is an access to another Black-on-Black site, the ThugOrgy. As you might expect from the name, this is a bad-neighborhood themed site, with group sex taking place in every scene. The ThugOrgy has more than 360 scenes. There used to be live shows held in the earlier years of the site, but nowadays, you have to visit a third-party cam site if you want to see Black studs fucking each other for you. However you still get access to more than 500 archived live shows, which grants another stream of hot gay fun. As it’s a Gunz Blazing site, you will also find more than 30 assorted gay video streams, offering you a great variety of porn: more Black guys, bareback sex, BDSM, daddies, bears, jocks and twinks, along with US and EU-based porn scenes too. These bonuses will certainly make the membership more tempting.

Site Features

When you open the home page of the DarkThunder, you should get familiar with this layout, because the members’ zone is just the same. The color theme of the site fits the content, but it’s not just black, there is a nice dark-blue in use too. The texts are mostly colored white so they are easy to read. You will see a menu on the top. During the tour it offers you only basic options, but at least it works, so you can explore the content and the guys’ index too. This menu will remain there after you log in. The pictures will also remain, and to actually get to the site’s content, you have to scroll lower. There you will see the simple list of thumbnails: you can go through the content page by page, you can sort the list by recentness and rates, and on the left, you can select the site you wish to browse, and you can select the categories you want featured in the listed scenes. Under the categories menu, you can see the network-updates, which you can access from the video feeds’ page.

The videos are offered in WMV for download, and Flash format for in-browser playing. The newer scenes come at an 850×478, while the old flicks are the usual DVD quality of 640×480. They look good, and the embedded player offers several settings, if you happen to have troubles playing. There is only one version to download. The scenes were DRM protected, but in the past few years, the company removed it, so now you can save and keep everything you want. You can find here 145 hardcore and 118 solo photo sets. They are nicely done, and they come in 600×900 and even 850×1280 – it depends on their age. The sets show you everything, and they feature many close-ups too.

The Content

These hot lads are all Blacks, and they represent the 20-30 years range. There are many slim lads, but if the athletic, six-packed-belly guys are your thing, you can find some of them too. The majority of the models are only semi-professional, so their performance represent their level of expertise. As per their appearance, you can find here a large bunch of hot guys with neatly shaved face, cock and ass, while others kept some of their body-hair.

You may expect lots of tattoos, but there isn’t that much, though those you can find are looking really good. The majority of the action is about couples having fun, in an ethnic-sex setup, but you can enjoy circa 20 interracial scenes, and some hardcore threesomes too. The scenes are shot in a semi-professional way, so some camera shaking, and some weird angles may happen, but they are overall nice shots with real action. You can enjoy a fine compilation of outdoor action too, though the major content is about indoor gay sex.

Quick Resume

The DarkThunder is a unique site, though the content is not exclusive. This niche is popular, especially if the action fits into the thug-fantasy, which seems to have a growing popularity. These videos are studio-made, and they feature protected sex, there are no bareback flicks. In case you enjoy Black-on-Black gay action, we happily recommend you this site, especially because you get access to the ThugOrgy, and to literally all kinds of gay porn with one membership.

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