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When someone is paid to act out a few scenes, they put on a damn good show but when someone does what they love from the heart, then they will put on the best show that you have ever been privileged to see. This is what makes the lesbians on TotalLesbian different. They do not read from any scripts nor do they rehearse their scenes before the camera rolls, they are real-life lesbians who are passionate about showcasing lesbian sexual encounters. Granted, you may have seen these faces on so many sites, maybe even in bisexual encounters but do not be mistaken, what you will see of them on this site is beyond fathom. To make it even better, no boys are invited to the party. This is most definitely the secret to this site’s success. It’s an all-girl affair! Lesbian junkies will get a kick out of learning new moves as the site tries to create an environment where all lesbian lovers are living the dream. These women cannot wait to kiss and tell. There is plenty of excitement to go around. The women satisfy each other with their fingers, vibrators, and other sex toys. Do not worry, they keep it light, there aren’t any hardcore power tools here. I especially get excited about seeing the strap-ons, I mean, who wouldn’t? When the lesbians on TotalLesbian wear them to assume the role of a cock, you will be delighted to be part of the action. TotalLesbian has made it its main goal to successfully embrace sexual encounters that were previously considered taboo. The producers of the site have brilliantly brought the kind of entertainment that will send jolts of electricity running through your body. As the action is in good measure, you will not lack in enjoyment and view pleasure! I mean, you cannot get any more woman than this. Licking and enjoying each other’s cunts is what these lesbians were made for. Brought to you by the StaXXXNetwork, TotalLesbian has a reliable number of scenes as entertainment is on a high. Signing up means that you will also get to enjoy content that has been professionally put together. With the actions and models on point, there isn’t asking for more.

Site Features

TotalLesbian has done a good job of keeping things simple, limiting search and filter to only a few navigation tools. The site does not have a drop down menu, it has horizontally arranged its main categories. These categories include scenes, bonus, members’ and sign up. There are also sub-categories that are: Exclusive sites, hot hardcore ideas, live chat and daily updates. In case you want to become a full member of the site, you have to go through all these categories because they are interconnected. The site also welcomes you with the tagline, don’t wait! Which motivates you to dig into the scenes. There is also one preview video that taunts you about the action that is provided on the site. This shows that scenes are epic. The arrangement is straight forward and you can transition from one preview scene to another. The tags on all the videos are a lengthy title, the number of attached photos from the picture gallery sets and the names of the performers. The run-time of the videos is often included. As you will see, the flicks range from 25-40 minutes. As you go to the bottom of the page, the videos fill up the page pretty quickly. You do not have to wait for long loading times. TotalLesbian has everything in its rightful place.

The Content

The naughty women on TotalLesbian are up to no good. They do everything in order to satisfy and entertain you at the same time. They are a mix of famous porn stars and amateurs who are showcasing their best skills for the first time in front of a camera. These women are anything but shy. They include Chastity Lynn, India Summer, Sara Luv, Tanya Tale, Missi Daniels, Tara Holiday and Lucy Fire among others. The hotties get down and dirty and ensure that they take every opportunity to do so. They tell stories of naughty girls who want to fuck and dominant MILFS who are seducing fresh faces. The site offers a brilliant mix of performers. Do not be fooled, the MILFS in the scenes really know how to capture your attention. Their skins are tight and their boobs and asses are just right. The porn stars will take you by storm, especially as you know what they are already capable of. They are unforgiving on their moves and their wet pussies are always begging for a good fucking or licking. Do not question the kind of enjoyment that you will receive from these scenes. You will not be disappointed in securing a place on the site. For instance, Adriana Luna and Tristen Lee will dazzle out with their sexual skills. They are a pair of hot brunettes who know the kind of pleasure they want and go after it. Their bodies are flawless and their skins are butter- smooth. It is as if you would melt right in their presence. These are the kind of women who put an ‘L’ in lesbianism. The women on TotalLesbian make the flicks really thrilling to watch. In the company of these hotties, you can never go wrong.

Quick Resume

TotalLesbian is a lesbian adult site with a difference. Good entertainment is a guarantee as soon as you sign up for the action. The action on the site will tap into your softcore site and yet go a little hardcore. The site also goes beyond the physical action and focuses on the perfection of the women’s bodies. This is the beauty of TotalLesbian.

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